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  • P2 Viewer is limited to one clip. (Choose File/Import/Panasonic P2.)

Versions of HD Log

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HD Log 3.64 03/01/07 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X

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HD Log can encode QuickTime files for each clip, the whole tape, or anything in between. Precise embedded timecode assures frame accurate playback and useful files for editing in Final Cut Pro, Avid and others.

Great for monitoring HD work without expensive down-converters or wear and tear on your camera heads. Instant playback on your external video monitor with a Canopus analog/digital converter box, or AJA or Black Magic capture cards.

HD Log watches for incoming timecode to start recording, then stops when timecode stops. You can immediately review the clip without waiting for it to render or save to file. And, it automatically names the clips eliminating annoying file save dialogs.

Why Use HD Log?

P2 Viewing and Media Management

Instantly view and manage Panasonic P2 MXF video clips.

Video Assist

Auto-digitize QuickTime preview clips from CamCorders on the fly (Silver&Gold versions)--instant mirrored playback on video monitor.

FCP Background Loader

Don't tie up your NLE to digitize clips, let HD Log do the mundane work and pass the QT files with names and notes via XML ready to edit.


Type in long descriptions and notes (unlimited text fields).

Customized templates

Log the data YOU want, in the style you want. Design your own templates.


Create storyboards or a concise table of thumbnails and data.


Field specific, complex or simple searching helps you identify clips or text--fast!

Designate the best shots

Mark just the clips you want to output or print.

File Sharing

Log files are easily searched and passed between all your producers and editors.

Save time and disk space

Directly controls RS422 or FireWire decks or cameras.

Field Logging

Grab timecode right off the camera with a portable USB Timecode Reader.

Automated index

High speed clip detection for DV tapes, QT files or from analog streams.


Your logs work with any NLE editor (FCP, Avid, Adobe, Media100, ...)

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